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Your luxury European automobile deserves nothing less than world-class service. At J & L Automotive Repairs & Service, Inc., we understand that owning a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or Volkswagen is an investment, which is why our certified technicians provide exceptional repairs and maintenance worthy of these premium vehicles. No matter how large or small the job, we approach every European car with the same focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

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How Do You Know When You Need European Auto Repairs?

While luxury cars are built to last, there are some telltale signs that it's time to take your vehicle in for professional import auto repair.

You can be on top of your auto repair needs by being on the lookout for:

  • Warning lights illuminating on the dashboard
  • Unusual noises like knocking, squealing, or grinding
  • Leaks or puddles forming under the vehicle
  • Decreased fuel efficiency or performance issues
  • Trouble starting the engine or keeping it running
  • Vibrations or pulling to one side while driving
  • Unusual smells like burning or exhaust fumes

How Long Does Standard European Car Repair Service Take?

The time required for standard European car repair services can vary depending on several factors. While some jobs may be quick fixes, others could take multiple days to complete properly.

Here are some key things that impact the service time:

  • Complexity of the repair job
  • Availability and delivery times of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Age and model year of the vehicle
  • Whether additional issues are discovered during the repair

J & L Automotive Repairs & Service, Inc.: A Full Suite of European Auto Repair Services

We use the latest factory-grade tools and OEM parts to repair and maintain your prized vehicle properly.

Some of our most common European auto repair services include:

  • Brake repairs and replacements
  • Engine diagnostics and repairs
  • Transmission repairs and rebuilds
  • Suspension work
  • Electrical system diagnostics and repairs
  • Oil changes and factory maintenance
  • Tire rotations and wheel alignments
  • Drivability issues (rough idling, stalling, etc.)
  • A/C and climate control repairs
  • Exhaust and muffler repairs

Will Your Warranty Be Voided if Our Auto Repair Shop Works on Your Car?

No, having our auto repair shop service your vehicle will not void the European car manufacturer's warranty. We only use parts, lubricants, and procedures that fully comply with all manufacturer specifications and requirements.

When you need service of any kind, you can have confidence in knowing all our mechanics have received the necessary training to perform expert repairs on all makes and models of European cars. If you have lingering worries, you can get in touch with your auto manufacturer's warranty department to inquire about their requirements.

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